Animal Print Bags Are Still Hot For 2012

Animal Print Handbags – Still Hot For 2012

Animal print has been around for a long time in the fashion industry, and has made its appearance on everything from dresses, to shoes, to handbags. The outlook for the remainder of 2012 seems to have animal print sticking around for a while still, as it is showing no obvious signs of waning. The fact that the hottest celebrities are strolling around town carrying animal print handbags is a testament to the fact that animal print will most likely be a staple in the fashion industry for a while to come.

Although leopard print has traditionally been one of the more popular and abundant animal prints available, other prints have also made their splash on the fashion scene on handbags everywhere. You’ll also see cow print, and even zebra print on runways and streets alike. In fact, zebra print seems to be one of the hottest animal prints out there right now.

Fashion experts have noted that zebra print will probably have the most staying power among all of the animal prints, though any type of animal print will most likely remain in style for a while still. In comparison to other trends, animal print seems to have lasted an extraordinarily long amount of time. These prints are quite versatile, and can be paired with a neutral outfit to bring pizzazz and flair to the most boring outfit. Below you’ll find some great animal print handbags on the market.

Where to Buy Animal Print Handbags

Dolce & Gabbana always pushes the boundaries of fashion to great success. This Italian label showcases sophisticated tailoring in all sorts of fabulous looks, which has made Dolce & Gabbana a favorite of celebrities. This great Dolce Leopard-Print Calf Hair Bag features a structured silhouette and a touch of golden hardware to bring a versatile quality to this padlock-detailed tote. Buy it for $2,545 at Neiman Marcus.


This fabulous Jerome Dreyfuss Carlito Leopard Suede & Calf Hair Shoulder Bag features a slouchy shape made of luxe calf hair paired with suede in a contrasting tone. This bag features expandable zip-sides, double suede top handles, a magnetic snap closure and a removable mini flashlight. Get yours today from for $1212.


Diane Von Furstenberg always produces the most fabulous and sophisticated fashion pieces, and this Diane Von Furstenberg Lytton printed calf hair clutch is no exception. This amazing clutch features a silver twig clasp fastening and black leather trims. The attention to detail on this clutch is what makes this piece so special. Carrying one will lend the simplest look a fiercely fashionable style. Buy it for $395 via Net-a-Porter.

Maje is the go-to label for casual Parisian chic. This Maje Ketchup leopard-print calf hair and leather tote features two top handles, an internal zip-fastening pocket, and full lining. Get yours today at 65% via The original price was $840, but you can get yours today for $294!


This great Yves Saint Laurent ‘Cabas Chyc – Medium’ Calf Hair Satchel is available at Nordstrom for $2760. This satchel is lined with rich leather, and features a goldtone logo anchor that neatly highlights the inset Y design at the front. This refined calf-hair satchel is patterned in smoky leopard print.


For those who are looking for a designer-inspired animal print bag at a fraction of the cost of regular retail priced designer handbags, then this one is for you. This great Designer Inspired Zebra Print Hobo Bag is only $29.99 at! This zebra print handbag will bring out your wild side while making a fashion statement on the streets and at work. Pair this great print with just about any outfit and give your ensemble a jolt.

The Staying Power of Animal Print Handbags

Although animal print on dresses and tops may be a bit much for some women, the perfect solution is to carry an animal print handbag instead. This print doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, as can be proven by the amount of animal print bags we are seeing on the fashion runways of the world. An animal print handbag is the perfect way to make any subtle outfit pop, and is a fashion-forward way to accent your ensemble.

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Cotton Slub Yarn Shirts are Trending for 2015

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The Best Designer Bag Deals for 2012

Buying Fabulous Designer Bags For Less

Designer handbags are a must-have fashion accessory for just about every celebrity. Rarely will you see a fashion-concious celebrity walking down the streets of Beverly Hills without some type of amazing designer bag. Even when they are coming out of the gym, they are carrying this accessory. It is no wonder that the handbag is the most popular accessory to own, and remains one of the top selling accessories in the fashion industry.

Of course, celebrities can afford to drop a few thousand bucks on a designer handbag. In fact, these celebrities probably have a closet full of these designer bags – money is obviously no object.

For everyone else, though, spending thousands of dollars on a designer handbag is a little over the budget. The good news is that with a little effort and diligence, you can find some amazing designer handbags that are celebrity-worthy for a fraction of the regular retail price. By shopping online, you’ll be able to find some amazing deals on some of the most coveted designer handbags available.

Some of the best times to shop online is near the end of a season when retailers are looking to clear out the season’s inventory to make room for next season’s products. Not only are they discounted, but often you’ll find items that are on their second or third markdown, which translates into major savings! Check out the following fabulous discounted handbags, which are almost all at least 50% off the regular ticketed retail price!

Where to Find Great Deals on Designer Handbags at Over Half Off the Regular Price!

Italian fashion powerhouse Valentino always displays glamor and sophistication in every fashion design, including handbags. Each piece is always perfectly stitched and tailored, with just the right embellishment to make a statement. This fabulous Valentino VaVaVoom Crocodile Shoulder Bag is no exception. Add instant wow to your wardrobe with this great handbag. Buy it now for $4510 via The OutNet. It originally retailed at $11,275, so you save 60% off the original price!

This fantastic Proenza Schouler PS11 Tote was $1650, and is now $829 via Barneys. This incredibly bright yellow and pale blue-accented handbag screams summer with its bright yet subtle color scheme. The fabulous leather feels soft and smooth as it drapes over your arm. This bag has been featured on the arms of a variety of fashionista celebrities in Hollywood, making this bag one of the most coveted bags on the celebrity arena. Get yours today at over half off the regular retailed price, and look like a star!


3.1 Phillip Lim’s fashion mantra is to provide women with beautiful everyday classics, while accenting them with a sense of craziness. What results from this combination is an easy, cool fashionable look that oozes a youthful elegance and a signature fashion statement. This 3.1 Phillip Lim Lark Satchel represents the epitome of this style. This pebbled leather handbag features a zip pocket at the top and adjustable zip gussets at the sides. The removable, adjustable shoulder strap makes it an easy fit. This bag also features double rolled handles and a zip main compartment closure. Once originally priced at $875, you can now get it at 30% off for $612.50 via ShopBop.

Prada is one of the most influential clothing and accessory lines in the fashion industry, and possesses an iconic collection that including sunglasses, handbags, shoes and men’s and women’s clothing. Their handbags in particular have a signature style that is coveted by celebrities all over the world. You can snag one today at a great discount – this great Prada Python Bowler was originally priced at $3950, and is now $1984 via Neiman Marcus! This Amareno python bag features golden hardware, a detachable strap, luggage detailing and lambskin lining. Pair it with any ensemble to create a fashionable look.

Designer Jérôme Dreyfuss is not afraid to infuse his designs with a little fun and flair. Each carefully designed and manufactured piece is named after men, such as ‘Carlos’, ‘Billy’ and ‘Momo’. Each handbag showcases the brand’s focus on smart detailing and wonderful mixed-media finishes. The Jerome Dreyfuss Billy Python Tote is a great example of such flair, as it brings a sense of attitude. This handbag is perfect for the stylish city girl on the go. Originally priced at $2195, you can now snag this great handbag for $987.75 via The OutNet.

Designer Bags at Discounted Prices

Finding a designer handbag at a fraction of the original ticketed price is the best way for the budget-conscious woman to shop. Shopping at certain times of the year – such as near the end of a season – is one of the best times to find great deals. Online browsing is also a fantastic way to seek out great deals. Not only do you get to shop from the comfort of your home without having to fight crowds and pushy salespeople, but you’ll be able to compare brands at over hundreds of retailers. Browsing online makes it easy to find the lowest discounted prices on designer handbags.

Store Clothing versus Custom Clothing

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Top Celebrity Handbags for 2012

Top Celebrity Handbags for 2012

Based on all the public appearances made by celebrities on a daily basis, it’s clear to see the obsession that they have with designer handbags. It’s almost impossible not to catch a celebrity walking around with some form of handbag, purse or clutch. This fashion behavior sets the stage and the trend for what’s hot in the handbag department.

A classic, well-made brand is all that celebrities will settle for with any fashion item, including handbags. These luxurious accessories are both highly functional, as well as a fashion statement. Celebrity women love to stay on top of the latest trends in handbags, sporting this accessory no matter what the occasion. These bags not only carry their prized possessions, but also act as a way to call the attention of the public as to “who” they are wearing on their arms.

When flipping through a fashion magazine, it’s hard not to notice an amazing bag that a particular celebrity is carrying. The following is a list of some of the top trends in celebrity handbags for 2012.

Where to Buy Celebrity-Coveted Handbags

This Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 really is more of a classic and timeless piece rather than an “it” bag, but it’s trendy nonetheless. Certain celebrities, like Jessica Simpson, can’t seem to go a day without it. This particular bag features a roomy interior with a natural cowhide exterior and classic LV golden hardware. This bag is adorned with delicate Lurex embroidery that introduces a lace pattern on top of the Monogram canvas, giving the bag a feminine flair. This piece also features a zip top closure with an optional Louis Vuitton-engraved padlock. This particular bag is priced at $1495, and can be found at

The Marc Jacobs Stam bag is always seen on famous celebrities around town. Named after the designer’s close friend, Canadian Supermodel, Jessica Stam, this Marc Jacobs Stam bag uses quilting and gold hardware to accentuate it, similar to the designs of the classic, quilted Chanel bags. This gives it a classic, timeless and sophisticated feel to the bag. Although the look is quite familiar, it does stand out with it’s relaxed look, gusseted frame and kiss-lock closure. This bag is quite popular in Hollywood, and retails for $1483 at

For a long while, there has been quite a frenzy over the Celine Luggage Tote among Hollywood’s hottest celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens. Despite its long trend ride, this bag shows no signs of abating due to the contagious visual appeal of the bag. Not only are these bags super popular among the hottest celebrities, they are also spilling over onto the public. It seems that just about everyone has one of these bags. Celebs seem to like their Celine Luggage Totes to be all or mostly black, and carry them pretty much 24/7. The original design generally wins out over the crossbody Celine Nano Luggage and other Celine styles.  Black and beige easily fits with just about every item of clothing and pair of shoes. This classic Celine Colorblock Luggage Bag in Beige/Black can be bought for $320 at

Michael Kors handbags also seem to be all the rage among various celebrities. This imported MICHAEL Michael Kors Gosford Large Satchel can be purchased for $448 at


Among some of the more popular handbags with celebrities is this Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Satchel. Available in black, military green and smoke, this bag is one of fashion’s new “it” bags. Although it debuted years ago, it is now extremely popular among some of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood like Minka Kelly. Their popularity seems to show absolutely no signs of waning. Buy one for $1806 at

The classic Alexander McQueen Novak bag is another extremely popular bag with fashionistas in Hollywood. This leather-trimmed nubuck bag by Alexander McQueen is available for $922 at This particular design was inspired by Kim Novak, a vintage-era starlet who appeared in Alfred Hitcock films. These bags caused mass hysteria among handbag lovers in and out of Hollywood, and skyrocketed the status of the bag into a timeless classic.

Following Celebrity Trends

One of the best ways to keep tabs of the latest styles and trends among fashion items and accessories such as handbags is to simply have a look at what celebrities are wearing out and about. Whether the style was first made popular by celebrities roaming the streets or models walking the runway can be argued. What doesn’t have to be argued is the fabulous look of the latest trends of handbags adorning the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. These bags are fun and fabulous, and make a fantastic accessory for any outfit and any occasion.

The Top Trends in Handbags For 2012

Top Trends in Handbags for 2012

Women own and use many different accessories to accentuate their outfits and ensembles. But the ultimate accessory will forever be the handbag. The options and styles are seemingly endless – any woman will be able to find the perfect handbag with great ease. Year after year, handbags always seem to be one of the top selling accessories in the fashion industry, and will most likely remain this way for decades to come.

Even if the ensemble is plain and boring, a fabulous handbag can immediately bring the outfit to life. Carrying the perfect handbag is the fastest way to make any ensemble look amazing, and make a bold fashion statement.

In particular, designer handbags have become somewhat of a status object for every woman – career woman, working mother, single woman or wife. Taking the handbag from daytime to nighttime can be done with great ease when the perfect bag is selected and the right outfit is paired with it.

Whether an authentic designer handbag is purchased, or a knock-off is coveted at a fraction of the price, this handbag can create a very trendy yet sophisticated style rather quickly.

The handbags for 2012 are fun, light, bright, trendy and sophisticated. The top trends for 2012 include handbags that have a wonderful shape, are usually medium-sized, and highly functional. The following handbags are among the top trends for 2012.

Top Trends in Handbags for 2012 and Where to Buy Them
Anything Neon

The runways in 2012 were full of handbags that were splashing with bright neon colors. Bright neons and color blocked handbags are all the rage this year, and channel the trends of the 1980′s. These neon bags are surely to make any outfit pop. An example of this 2012 handbag trend is this fabulous Big Buddha Ariel Shoulder Bag, available at Amazon for $94.95. The strap is adjustable, making it the right fit for anyone.

Mixing Snakeskin With Any Fabric/Texture

In addition from bright neon colors, another trend for 2012 in handbags are those that use snakeskin in the mix. For those who are not so bold as to wear a bag that is made in full snakeskin, there is the option to buy handbags where snakeskin is demurely mixed in with other fabrics and patterns. A bag that mixes snakeskin and regular leather is a more subtle choice for women who want something that is a little more appropriate for the office, rather than a much more flashy full-snakeskin bag. These snakeskin mixed bags are great for making a statement with any outfit or ensemble it is paired with. This fabulous Fendi Chameleon Colorblock Tote is a great piece to hang over your arm on any occasion. Find it at for $5370.

Serious Embellishment

Designers are always experimenting and pushing the envelope when it comes to the variety of ways in which they can incorporate color into their handbags. You name it, they’ve tried it. This year, serious embellishment is on the rise with handbags, making them absolutely stand out from the crowd. The embellishment used on these bags has taken many forms, from delicate embroidery to flashy ball studs. This type of style is one that just about every woman can wear comfortably, given the variety of levels of embellishment available. No matter how bold or subtle your personal style is, there is a perfectly embellished handbag out there for you. One great example of this handbag trend is this fantastic Club Monaco Olivia Frame Clutch, available at for $88.21.


Fur seems to be one of those trends that just doesn’t seem to go away. Of course, it has been altered somewhat, but the trend itself always seems to linger in various fashion elements. As the cold weather starts to roll around, these fur handbags are the perfect accessory to accent your outfit with. Try this great Elie Tahari Chelsea Drawstring Bag, available for $449 at Bergdorf Goodman.


Pastel handbags are a wonderfully light and airy accessory for the warmer months of the year, and into the fall months. Minty fresh pastel colors provide a sense of lightness and brightness when paired with both neutral or bright ensembles. The color of this Jil Sander Market Tote is so beautifully light and pale, and is the epitome of pastel. Buy it through Net-a-Porter for $1350.

Sticking to the Trends of 2012 for Handbags

The handbag trends for 2012 are both trendy and sophisticated at the same time. Some of them are throw-backs to different eras and past fashion trends, by are fabulous nonetheless. Whether you are looking for a super trendy handbag to have fun with, or are looking for a sophisticated and classic purse, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag in one of the top purse trends for 2012.

Care for Cowhide Rugs

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Getting the Best New Styles

Each year a different style of sunglasses becomes popular and it\'s a good idea for anyone who wants to be updated and cool to make sure that they look through affordable designer sunglasses online to make sure that everything about their style is updated and modern. Getting the coolest new jeans and a stylish pair of earrings can look great, but it\'s definitely something where a person must also look at other accessories like sunglasses and hats. The interesting thing about updated styles is that it\'s not just one facet of style that changes each year, but entire setups.

The Best Pastel Bags For 2012

Pastel Bags – Some of the Best Trends for 2012

The look of a pastel handbag gives a feeling of lightness and cheer. This color is particularly appropriate for spring and summer months given their light and airy color and feel, but they can certainly be worn in cooler seasons as well. There really is a pastel bag out there for everyone. Although typical classic handbag styles fall under the black, neutral or bright color categories, the pastel bag is truly a sensation for 2012. Regardless of a person’s signature handbag color or style, pastel can truly add a splash of brightness to any ensemble.

The masters of trend – including designers and celebrities – have had their interests piqued by the look and style of the pastel bag. Available in all sorts of colors, sizes, styles and prices, the pastel handbag is accessible to the masses. Thanks to the wide variety of selection, there is definitely a pastel handbag out there for everyone. Below are some of the hottest trends in pastel handbags for 2012, and where to find them for purchase.

Where to Buy Pastel Handbags

Below are some of the hottest pastel colored handbags from 2012, and where to find them.

This 3.1 Phillip Lim Lark Satchel is a wonderful pastel bag for the summer season. Not only is the color gorgeous, but the modern shape keeps the bag from looking too youthful. This is the perfect option for a woman who wants to try out this trend without giving up her generally non-pastel style. You can buy this pastel bag through Neiman Marcus for $875.


This Balenciaga Classic Velo bag is available in a light greyish-purple color, which is perfect for transitioning into spring and summer. It features distinctive aged brass hardware, hand-stitched detailing, and an optional crossbody strap. You can buy this bag through Neiman Marcus for $1545.


This Diane von Furstenberg Adele Embossed Clutch lets you have the best of both worlds – colorblocking and pastels. This croc-embossed leather envelope purse features a logo bar and a magnetic-snap closure at the front flap. It also comes with a removable chain strap, and has a lined interior. This purse is available at ShopBop for $395.


This Chloe Marnie Mini Shoulder Bag is absolutely adorable. The color is an illusion of both blue and purple, and can be worn with a sorbet-hued dress or girlish patterns to really make the color pop. This is available at Net-a-Porter for $665.



This Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote is a wonderful pastel bag, and features an amazing color and style. This bag functions with both utility and femininity, and has a poetic feel to it, providing the ultimate in sophistication. Buy this bag through Neiman Marcus for $1090.



For those who are looking for an inexpensive and versatile pastel bag, try this blush pink Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Bag. Not only is it priced low, but it doubles as both a pouch or a casual clutch. It features antiqued gold hardware, a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and a zip main compartment closure. Buy this bag through ShopBop for $198.


This fabulous BCBGeneration Charlie Medium Satchel makes a great accompaniment to any light ensemble, and is available in both mint and natural colors. The
synthetic faux lizard texture gives it an extra boost, and the adjustable strap makes this bag fit for any size. This satchel is available for purchase at
Amazon for the low price of $128.


Give your favorite outfits some feminine attitude with this Miu Miu Vitello Bow Bag, priced at $1495 via Net-a-Porter. This bow-bedecked leather tote has a chic style, and can easily be carried as a tote or worn as a shoulder bag thanks to the detachable strap.

Savoring the Pastel Bag For 2012

The pastel handbag does not necessarily have to be worn strictly in the spring and summer months, and immediately stored away as soon as October rolls around. This great color palette is complimentary to a variety of ensembles. You can confidently wear a pastel bag well into the fall, as the cool weather gradually creeps upon us. Based on past trends, you can be sure that your pastel bag investment will be able to be used in years to come.