Animal Print Bags Are Still Hot For 2012

Animal Print Handbags – Still Hot For 2012

Animal print has been around for a long time in the fashion industry, and has made its appearance on everything from dresses, to shoes, to handbags. The outlook for the remainder of 2012 seems to have animal print sticking around for a while still, as it is showing no obvious signs of waning. The fact that the hottest celebrities are strolling around town carrying animal print handbags is a testament to the fact that animal print will most likely be a staple in the fashion industry for a while to come.

Although leopard print has traditionally been one of the more popular and abundant animal prints available, other prints have also made their splash on the fashion scene on handbags everywhere. You’ll also see cow print, and even zebra print on runways and streets alike. In fact, zebra print seems to be one of the hottest animal prints out there right now.

Fashion experts have noted that zebra print will probably have the most staying power among all of the animal prints, though any type of animal print will most likely remain in style for a while still. In comparison to other trends, animal print seems to have lasted an extraordinarily long amount of time. These prints are quite versatile, and can be paired with a neutral outfit to bring pizzazz and flair to the most boring outfit. Below you’ll find some great animal print handbags on the market.

Where to Buy Animal Print Handbags

Dolce & Gabbana always pushes the boundaries of fashion to great success. This Italian label showcases sophisticated tailoring in all sorts of fabulous looks, which has made Dolce & Gabbana a favorite of celebrities. This great Dolce Leopard-Print Calf Hair Bag features a structured silhouette and a touch of golden hardware to bring a versatile quality to this padlock-detailed tote. Buy it for $2,545 at Neiman Marcus.


This fabulous Jerome Dreyfuss Carlito Leopard Suede & Calf Hair Shoulder Bag features a slouchy shape made of luxe calf hair paired with suede in a contrasting tone. This bag features expandable zip-sides, double suede top handles, a magnetic snap closure and a removable mini flashlight. Get yours today from for $1212.


Diane Von Furstenberg always produces the most fabulous and sophisticated fashion pieces, and this Diane Von Furstenberg Lytton printed calf hair clutch is no exception. This amazing clutch features a silver twig clasp fastening and black leather trims. The attention to detail on this clutch is what makes this piece so special. Carrying one will lend the simplest look a fiercely fashionable style. Buy it for $395 via Net-a-Porter.

Maje is the go-to label for casual Parisian chic. This Maje Ketchup leopard-print calf hair and leather tote features two top handles, an internal zip-fastening pocket, and full lining. Get yours today at 65% via The original price was $840, but you can get yours today for $294!


This great Yves Saint Laurent ‘Cabas Chyc – Medium’ Calf Hair Satchel is available at Nordstrom for $2760. This satchel is lined with rich leather, and features a goldtone logo anchor that neatly highlights the inset Y design at the front. This refined calf-hair satchel is patterned in smoky leopard print.


For those who are looking for a designer-inspired animal print bag at a fraction of the cost of regular retail priced designer handbags, then this one is for you. This great Designer Inspired Zebra Print Hobo Bag is only $29.99 at! This zebra print handbag will bring out your wild side while making a fashion statement on the streets and at work. Pair this great print with just about any outfit and give your ensemble a jolt.

The Staying Power of Animal Print Handbags

Although animal print on dresses and tops may be a bit much for some women, the perfect solution is to carry an animal print handbag instead. This print doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, as can be proven by the amount of animal print bags we are seeing on the fashion runways of the world. An animal print handbag is the perfect way to make any subtle outfit pop, and is a fashion-forward way to accent your ensemble.

Simple Care for Cowhide

It is definitely fashionable to include cowhide in today\'s homes and a person doesn\'t necessarily have to be a fan of rustic and country or ranch styles to have beautiful cow hide rugs included with their style as an interesting accent or design. But for anyone who hasn\'t yet dealt with having a piece of cowhide in their home, it\'s usually a good idea to know how to care for such items in advance since the proper care of a cowhide rug is going to greatly enhance its longevity. The simplest rule that should be considered is usually going to be keeping moisture away from the surface.

Personalizing a Suit Properly

There are a lot of variables that go into making a suit fit its intended owner well and when looking at the different elements that could be changed and modified to fit a specific person, the custom suits NYC supplier would likely be able to offer a variety of different personalization options that would ensure that a suit was going to fit the best that it could. Simple things like the lines of the cuffs and the buttons that were part of the suit would probably be items that could be modified and changed to fit a specific body type.

Retail and Places on Which Signs Belong

One of the important areas of a business in which to include a sign is that of the bathroom area and not only must a business make sure that their bathrooms comply with certain access rules for individuals with mobility issues, but the area must also have proper ADA signage so as to ensure that individuals who require access to such areas know where to go. The signs for such areas do require certain elements such as a particular type of font that is readable and letters that are a certain number of inches high.

Getting Great Flight Times on Vacation

Anyone who might be looking to figure out an efficient travel schedule is going to want to do some research into the potential flights to be taken and how those flights might have operated in the past. Most of the time Southwest flights and flights of most major airlines will have statistics associated with them that would allow a person to figure out whether that flight was normally on time or whether the flight was likely to be late. Various routes have rather good reputations for on-time departures and flight times so doing the research to figure out which lights would be best is a worthwhile investment of time.

Choosing a Big Dog or a Small Dog

A person who is thinking about getting a dog might already have a specific breed in mind, but not everyone has chosen a breed before he or she starts the search for a new dog. One thing to remember about choosing a small or large dog is that all dogs will benefit from North Carolina Puppy Training and that just because a dog is big, that doesn\'t mean the animal will create a messy ruckus everywhere he goes. Training a dog to be well-behaved in any circumstances is possible for any dog no matter his size.

Changing from Lead Paint

The warnings against paint fumes and problems with lead paint have certainly died down over the past several years, and it\'s important to consider that just because the government isn\'t advertising the existence of lead paint in different areas of homes that it\'s not still there and needing replacement. Looking at eco paint by Alistagen Corp. is a good idea because a new coat of paint is easy to install and is also very safe. Making a home environment not only lead free, but also antimicrobial and eco-friendly offer the best of all worlds to a family in their home.

Differently Sized Feet

One of the interesting things about feet and shoes is that most people actually have feet that are a slightly different size. Although some people might not notice this and can get just a single pair from Increasing Shoes, there are definitely some people out there who have feet that are a size that\'s so different that it\'s actually noticeable. Sometimes if a person has a foot that\'s too large for a certain size, he or she might need to wear a shoe on the other foot that\'s a half size too big just to accommodate the larger foot.

Choosing the Right Reading Glasses

The right or wrong reading glasses may make a significant impact on your ability to read clearly and not get eye strain. When choosing a pair of reading glasses for the first time, it\'s important to make sure they are the correct strength and that they also function as expected. Another huge factor in choosing the right reading glasses is getting ones that fit well and which aren\'t bothersome even if you have to wear them for a long while.  Visit us at Reading Glasses Galore to find your perfect pair of sunglasses for any magnification need.

Cotton Slub Yarn Shirts are Trending for 2015

The knobby texture we seen in some shirts and jeans today is intentional, in order to create a particular fashion look that’s been trending.  The yarn used to create these fabrics is spun with slubs which are thicker sections along the yarn, and in fabrics, this creates roves or particular patterns.  While such “imperfections” were seen as defects in fabrics years ago, efforts were taken to remove the slubs to produce a more uniform fabric.  Today these slubs are purposefully created and left in the fabric for a contemporary fashion look, such as the shirts for sale at