Top Celebrity Handbags for 2012

Top Celebrity Handbags for 2012

Based on all the public appearances made by celebrities on a daily basis, it’s clear to see the obsession that they have with designer handbags. It’s almost impossible not to catch a celebrity walking around with some form of handbag, purse or clutch. This fashion behavior sets the stage and the trend for what’s hot in the handbag department.

A classic, well-made brand is all that celebrities will settle for with any fashion item, including handbags. These luxurious accessories are both highly functional, as well as a fashion statement. Celebrity women love to stay on top of the latest trends in handbags, sporting this accessory no matter what the occasion. These bags not only carry their prized possessions, but also act as a way to call the attention of the public as to “who” they are wearing on their arms.

When flipping through a fashion magazine, it’s hard not to notice an amazing bag that a particular celebrity is carrying. The following is a list of some of the top trends in celebrity handbags for 2012.

Where to Buy Celebrity-Coveted Handbags

This Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 really is more of a classic and timeless piece rather than an “it” bag, but it’s trendy nonetheless. Certain celebrities, like Jessica Simpson, can’t seem to go a day without it. This particular bag features a roomy interior with a natural cowhide exterior and classic LV golden hardware. This bag is adorned with delicate Lurex embroidery that introduces a lace pattern on top of the Monogram canvas, giving the bag a feminine flair. This piece also features a zip top closure with an optional Louis Vuitton-engraved padlock. This particular bag is priced at $1495, and can be found at

The Marc Jacobs Stam bag is always seen on famous celebrities around town. Named after the designer’s close friend, Canadian Supermodel, Jessica Stam, this Marc Jacobs Stam bag uses quilting and gold hardware to accentuate it, similar to the designs of the classic, quilted Chanel bags. This gives it a classic, timeless and sophisticated feel to the bag. Although the look is quite familiar, it does stand out with it’s relaxed look, gusseted frame and kiss-lock closure. This bag is quite popular in Hollywood, and retails for $1483 at

For a long while, there has been quite a frenzy over the Celine Luggage Tote among Hollywood’s hottest celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens. Despite its long trend ride, this bag shows no signs of abating due to the contagious visual appeal of the bag. Not only are these bags super popular among the hottest celebrities, they are also spilling over onto the public. It seems that just about everyone has one of these bags. Celebs seem to like their Celine Luggage Totes to be all or mostly black, and carry them pretty much 24/7. The original design generally wins out over the crossbody Celine Nano Luggage and other Celine styles.  Black and beige easily fits with just about every item of clothing and pair of shoes. This classic Celine Colorblock Luggage Bag in Beige/Black can be bought for $320 at

Michael Kors handbags also seem to be all the rage among various celebrities. This imported MICHAEL Michael Kors Gosford Large Satchel can be purchased for $448 at


Among some of the more popular handbags with celebrities is this Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Satchel. Available in black, military green and smoke, this bag is one of fashion’s new “it” bags. Although it debuted years ago, it is now extremely popular among some of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood like Minka Kelly. Their popularity seems to show absolutely no signs of waning. Buy one for $1806 at

The classic Alexander McQueen Novak bag is another extremely popular bag with fashionistas in Hollywood. This leather-trimmed nubuck bag by Alexander McQueen is available for $922 at This particular design was inspired by Kim Novak, a vintage-era starlet who appeared in Alfred Hitcock films. These bags caused mass hysteria among handbag lovers in and out of Hollywood, and skyrocketed the status of the bag into a timeless classic.

Following Celebrity Trends

One of the best ways to keep tabs of the latest styles and trends among fashion items and accessories such as handbags is to simply have a look at what celebrities are wearing out and about. Whether the style was first made popular by celebrities roaming the streets or models walking the runway can be argued. What doesn’t have to be argued is the fabulous look of the latest trends of handbags adorning the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. These bags are fun and fabulous, and make a fantastic accessory for any outfit and any occasion.