The Top Trends in Handbags For 2012

Top Trends in Handbags for 2012

Women own and use many different accessories to accentuate their outfits and ensembles. But the ultimate accessory will forever be the handbag. The options and styles are seemingly endless – any woman will be able to find the perfect handbag with great ease. Year after year, handbags always seem to be one of the top selling accessories in the fashion industry, and will most likely remain this way for decades to come.

Even if the ensemble is plain and boring, a fabulous handbag can immediately bring the outfit to life. Carrying the perfect handbag is the fastest way to make any ensemble look amazing, and make a bold fashion statement.

In particular, designer handbags have become somewhat of a status object for every woman – career woman, working mother, single woman or wife. Taking the handbag from daytime to nighttime can be done with great ease when the perfect bag is selected and the right outfit is paired with it.

Whether an authentic designer handbag is purchased, or a knock-off is coveted at a fraction of the price, this handbag can create a very trendy yet sophisticated style rather quickly.

The handbags for 2012 are fun, light, bright, trendy and sophisticated. The top trends for 2012 include handbags that have a wonderful shape, are usually medium-sized, and highly functional. The following handbags are among the top trends for 2012.

Top Trends in Handbags for 2012 and Where to Buy Them
Anything Neon

The runways in 2012 were full of handbags that were splashing with bright neon colors. Bright neons and color blocked handbags are all the rage this year, and channel the trends of the 1980′s. These neon bags are surely to make any outfit pop. An example of this 2012 handbag trend is this fabulous Big Buddha Ariel Shoulder Bag, available at Amazon for $94.95. The strap is adjustable, making it the right fit for anyone.

Mixing Snakeskin With Any Fabric/Texture

In addition from bright neon colors, another trend for 2012 in handbags are those that use snakeskin in the mix. For those who are not so bold as to wear a bag that is made in full snakeskin, there is the option to buy handbags where snakeskin is demurely mixed in with other fabrics and patterns. A bag that mixes snakeskin and regular leather is a more subtle choice for women who want something that is a little more appropriate for the office, rather than a much more flashy full-snakeskin bag. These snakeskin mixed bags are great for making a statement with any outfit or ensemble it is paired with. This fabulous Fendi Chameleon Colorblock Tote is a great piece to hang over your arm on any occasion. Find it at for $5370.

Serious Embellishment

Designers are always experimenting and pushing the envelope when it comes to the variety of ways in which they can incorporate color into their handbags. You name it, they’ve tried it. This year, serious embellishment is on the rise with handbags, making them absolutely stand out from the crowd. The embellishment used on these bags has taken many forms, from delicate embroidery to flashy ball studs. This type of style is one that just about every woman can wear comfortably, given the variety of levels of embellishment available. No matter how bold or subtle your personal style is, there is a perfectly embellished handbag out there for you. One great example of this handbag trend is this fantastic Club Monaco Olivia Frame Clutch, available at for $88.21.


Fur seems to be one of those trends that just doesn’t seem to go away. Of course, it has been altered somewhat, but the trend itself always seems to linger in various fashion elements. As the cold weather starts to roll around, these fur handbags are the perfect accessory to accent your outfit with. Try this great Elie Tahari Chelsea Drawstring Bag, available for $449 at Bergdorf Goodman.


Pastel handbags are a wonderfully light and airy accessory for the warmer months of the year, and into the fall months. Minty fresh pastel colors provide a sense of lightness and brightness when paired with both neutral or bright ensembles. The color of this Jil Sander Market Tote is so beautifully light and pale, and is the epitome of pastel. Buy it through Net-a-Porter for $1350.

Sticking to the Trends of 2012 for Handbags

The handbag trends for 2012 are both trendy and sophisticated at the same time. Some of them are throw-backs to different eras and past fashion trends, by are fabulous nonetheless. Whether you are looking for a super trendy handbag to have fun with, or are looking for a sophisticated and classic purse, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag in one of the top purse trends for 2012.

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