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leopard painting art nail metal guepard fosca rio de janeiro casa voa antonio bokel
pigment, titanium dioxide, resin, engraving, butyl acrylic on linen
220 x 370 cm • 86.61 x 145.67 in
metal nails, wood, resin, acrylic
80 x 60 cm • 31.5 x 23.6 in

Fosca, an Italian-Dutch plastic artist, exhibits for the first time in Brazil.

Casa Voa, in Gávea, inaugurates the exhibition "Animal Sapiens" inspired by Brazilian fauna and flora.

Born in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a boat moored in the North Sea, Fosca, daughter of a Venetian and a Dutchman, was born and raised surrounded by water on all sides. Her gaze, accustomed to a predominantly blue landscape, found in the Brazilian fauna and flora an object of research for her art, as did the Dutch who arrived here in the 17th century. This was the inspiration for the artist to create the exhibition "Animal Sapiens", bringing together 11 works between paintings (ink, wax, titanium dioxide and acrylic on linen), metal nails on wood, wall installations and an animation projection made entirely by hand, frame by frame.
Invited by artists Antonio Bokel and Marcelo Macedo to exhibit for the first time in Brazil, the artist took up to 13 months to complete two of the works that will be exhibited from at Casa Voa, a space that also has an award winning architecture project and offers the public an agenda of workshops, study groups, film shows and art workshops.

For many, Fosca might well have joined the retinue of Flemish painting artists who were brought to Brazil by Mauricio de Nassau. The Dutch paintings fostered by Nassau arose from the scientific impetus, but it is undeniable that the artistic aura surrounding them is tied to epistemological meanings. So is the work of Fosca who, having been born at sea, learned to trace paths through maps and navigational instruments. Her drawings and paintings are executed with the meticulous and patient precision of those who make (medieval and modern) illuminations and her tiny writings are like textures that turn into images and confuse the look.

"Sitting around the fire in Casa Voa's backyard, in the silence of nature, listening to the water of the river flowing and the sound of the burning dry wood awakened in me a more primitive, ancestral feeling. From then on, new ideas emerged that make up my new work. In addition to the "Volupia" and "Amore cucito" paintings I started "Ricordi Lontani" and "Prego Selvatico" - concludes the artist who will have his works exposed in Rio de Janeiro.

Angelica Padovani

lynx duck painting plants canvas fosca old vintage brazil casa voa amore cucito love

pigment, ink, titanium dioxide, resin,

wax & acrylic on linen

220 x 450 cm • 86.61 x 177,16 in

22 of 1876 pages necessary for the realization of the animation "animal sapiens".
acetate, ink archive, fir, bamboo, metal nails
27 x 16 x 23 cm • 10.6 x 6.3 x 9 inches
monkey painting color nostalgy art fosca flowers drawing ink memories

pigment, resin, acrylic on linen

100 x 80 cm • 39.4 x 31.5 in


ink, pencil, acrylic
Windsor & Ingres paper 280 gr

100 x 60 cm • 39.4 x 23.6 in


ink, cotton wire, Canson paper

77 x 15 cm • 30.3 x 6 in


pigment, resin, acrylic on linen

100 x 80 cm • 39.4 x 31.5 in





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