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ArtRio fair is one of the most important #event on the world art scene. The fair welcomes 52,000 visitors to view works shown by 50 galleries at Marina da Gloria.

ArtRio actively contributes throughout the year to the #success of the art production chain and also has a strong role as a stimulating hub, supporting #exhibitions , highlighting new #galleries , stimulating #collecting , audience building and the promotion of young artists. Thus, the fair builds an #artistic legacy for the Brazilian public, eager to consume art and culture.

ArtRio is more than an art fair; it is a unique event where visitors can view artwork by the great #masters along side works by up-and-coming artists . ArtRio is active on the art scene throughout the year promoting new artists and galleries by supporting exhibitions and study opportunities. The event is creating an artistic legacy for the #Brazilian people who, eager consumers of art and culture , visit the art fair in large numbers.

animated dreamy sloth box
Pigments on Acetate, bamboo and Muiracatiara wood
30x36x28 cm

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