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Fosca was invited to participate at the Venice Biennale "Fundamentals" to exhibit in the monumental halls of the Correr Museum by Maurizio Messina to tells the fundamentals of this unique historical place.


An awe inspiring piece was hanging at the heart of the exhibit, in the centre of the monumental main hall: the ‘Literary Globe’, a gigantic sphere made of fifteen thousand hand-cut paper letters and golden glass droplets produced by Murano glass artists. As a literary echo of Vincenzo Coronelli’s ancient celestial and terrestrial globes located underneath, the nebula of letters will establish an ideal link between Fosca’s installation and the spirit of the library.

fosca claudio carpi biennale paper art paper letter paper lion museum correr paper installation
2 km nylon threads with a thickness of 0.25mm

3500 Murano blown glass droplets
15,000 parchment paper hand-cut letters


800 parchment paper hand-cut feathers

Folded venetian lion parchment paper 70x70x40cm

The nylon threads pass in micro-holes and are held taut by Murano-glass droplets attached to their ends.
The letters and the paper lion are sewn with nylon threads.


The installation weighs about 15kg

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