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A story of architecture and success
The brand's first franchise, CASACOR Rio de Janeiro was born just three years after the São Paulo event, in 1991, and, since then, it has been translating the Rio way of living in events that bring together great professionals in architecture, interior design and landscaping; and open the doors to the city's public of buildings that are true jewels of Rio's architecture.
Over these three decades, the exhibition ran for 1,232 days, was seen by more than a million people and had the participation of 878 professionals who decorated 1,305 environments. There are countless trends and countless solutions presented by the cast. All this, without losing sight of the passion for Rio and revealing some of its iconic properties (often restored to house CASACOR Rio): palaces, urban houses, real estate launches, hotels, neoclassical, modern, eclectic mansions and even a villa of semi-detached houses – Villa Aymoré. A true tour through the history of Rio and its rich architecture.

In 2021, CASACOR Rio de Janeiro celebrated 30 years of the event at the iconic Brando Barbosa mansion, a mansion located in the capital's Botanical Garden that stands out for being surrounded by a 12 thousand m² garden of Atlantic Forest. There were 38 spaces designed by the most important Rio architects.
n 2022, CASACOR Rio inaugurated the CASACOR exhibition season with 45 environments designed and developed by the talented cast of 43 teams of the most prominent professionals in the world of contemporary living. The Rio exhibition repeated the success of the previous edition and returned to the iconic mansion of the Brando Barbosa Institute between August 1st and October 1st, 2022.
In 2023, CASACOR Rio de Janeiro returned for the third consecutive time to the Brando Barbosa Institute, this time in a boutique hotel format, with many common rooms, spacious suites and garden cabins. The exhibition had a new – more innovative – concept based on the theme “Body & Address”.

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