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Foscaworld on Forbes : tasted 40 Panettone and selected 28 of the best for Christmas 2021

by Giovanna Simonetti, Kyra Piscitelli and Mariana Weber

December 8, 2021 Updated 2 days ago

Disclosure/Carole Crema

Forbes tasted 40 Panettone and selected 28 of the best for Christmas 2021

Choosing a panettone was easier. Today, apart from the big brands easily found in any supermarket, there are plenty of tempting products from confectioners, restaurants, importers and stores. Not to mention the variety of flavors. Gone are the days when Christmas recipe fans were divided between the candied fruit team and the chocolate chip team. Now the versions range from the minimalist application of raisins to a profusion of fillings that follow gastronomic trends, such as the banoffee fashion (banana pie and dulce de leche).

To help with the sweet but sometimes confusing mission of choosing, the Forbes team has compiled a list of Panettone brands that go beyond the most popular options on the market. Forty products were evaluated taking into account flavor, dough texture and balance in the proportion between dough and filling. Appearance and packaging also mattered – after all, Panettone can be a nice gift or help decorate the Christmas table.

After two days of tasting, with annotated impressions and calculated notes, the following selection was reached, with 28 deliciously tested and approved products . To facilitate navigation – and cater for different tastes – they were divided into the categories “ Traditional ”, “ Chocotones ” and “ Stuffed ”. Check out the galleries below and bon appetit!



Guava and nuts - R$ 110 (600g)

In addition to coming in a beautiful canned package – with illustrations by artist Fosca World -, Filone's long-fermented guava and Brazilian chestnut Panettone stands out for its balanced flavor. The guava fruit appears subtly.

For this year, the virtual bakery (with deliveries in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Niterói) also has two other flavors, candied fruit and chocolate chips.

Where to find it: Orders can be placed via the app or WhatsApp (21) 99138-3903 from the bakery


Bonometti House

Brazil nuts and chocolate chips – R$ 68 (500g)

From a family with a centuries-old tradition in the production of flour, the sisters Luciana and Ana Carolina jointly opened, in 2017, the café and confectionery Casa Bonometti, now with two units in São Paulo. For Christmas, the brand prepares light and tasty dough Panettone with 48-hour natural fermentation. The 2021 launch is the version with caramelized Brazil nuts and bean to bar chocolate chips, a balanced combination that highlights the quality of the chocolate.

Where to find it: In physical stores (Al. Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 1728 and Rua Bahia, 480) and on the website (



Chocolate and dulce de leche – R$ 128 (650g)

With fluffy and aromatic dough, the result of natural fermentation, the panettone filled with chocolate and Dengo dulce de leche is balanced and has a good cashew nut crust.

The Brazilian chocolate brand bean to bar, with cocoa from Bahia, also brings other flavors with Brazilian ingredients, such as chocolate panettone with orange and cupuaçu, guava and coconut panettone and cashew nut cream with cocoa.

Where to find it: Physical and online stores (

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