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Special Invitation

Limited Edition 500 pigment charcoal on onion skin paper 42 x 30 cm – 16,54 x 11,80 inches

Onionskin is a thin, light-weight, strong, often translucent paper. Though not made from onions, it superficially resembles their thin, papery skins. It was usually used with carbon paper for typing duplicates in a typewriter, for permanent records where low bulk was important, or for airmail correspondence. It is typically 25–39 g/m² (9-pound basis weight in US units), and may be white or canary-colored.

In the typewriter era, onion skin often had a deeply textured cockle finish which allowed for easier erasure of typing mistakes, but other glazed and unglazed finishes were also available then and may be more common today.

Onionskin paper is relatively durable and lightweight due to its high content of cotton fibers. Because of these attributes and its crispness when folding, onionskin paper is one of the best papers to use for toy kites and advanced paper airplanes. Paper airplanes made from onionskin paper tend to fly very well due to their low weight and high integrity once folded.

Onionskin paper has also been regularly used in traditional cel animation. Due to its translucency, it is used as a guide in drawing the frames between key-frames. This is a process that animators refer to as “in-betweening”. The process of “onionskinning” is also used in digital animation where frames are represented by digital layers in a production.

The invitation for Foscaworld has been a challenge for Opero who had to find a delicate and at the same time resistant technic to print on this lightweight paper that the artist had chosen.

the choice of this paper further emphasizes the lightness and delicacy of the artist line. unfolding the invitation and having to open it being careful not to crumple it as if the character represented were to continue its delicate flying through the letters and transparency of the support.

// Envelope //

// Ingre & Onion Skin //

// Limited Edition Invitation //

// Detail of the print //

// Transparency of Onion Skin paper //

Opero is a young company with professional skills in depth. The team is a mix of highly trained and experienced professionals with long experience of the graphics and printing industries. This means they can offer  a reliable flexible service, tailored to your particular needs. They are proud to have a formidable reputation with existing clients.

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