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Each of my paintings born from a story, a tale, a legend. Many of these ancient animal #legends evoke a distant time when the #soul of man and that of animal were one.

Myths, by instilling respect for Nature, remind us that we know #wildanimals perfectly because they lived with us since very ancient times. For instance we were able to hunt in perfect #harmony with the #cheetah , which we adopted and trained to hunt with us, because we had seen in it an exceptional animal.

We know how light and quick it is in the race, but little about the fact that it long black features that run down the inner corner of its eye to its mouth improve his vision by reducing glare from the sunlight.

In Grecoroman #mythology , Dionysus or Bacchus is seated on a cheetah. This god, who evokes the distractions of human beings, drunkenness, outbursts in orgies, he is the force of life that emerges beyond all limits, like wild nature. He is the god of autumn, of the harvest, of seasonal renewal. In my canvas he is evoked through the necklace of vine leaves in warm autumnal colors.

“Volupia” recalls in its title the lively #pleasure of the our #senses , #soft and #wild . She is very long, almost 4 meters. She occupies space as pleasures occupy our #mind . We cannot escape or #repress them. The background of the #canvas was made using a square of painted #wood and hammered directly onto the canvas. This repeated gesture is #powerful and marks the linen in a aleatory #fashion offering a #vibration to the #color , depending on how #hard I #hitten the wooden brick. #Watchout then!



pigment, titanium dioxide, resin, engraving, butyl acrylic on canvas

220 x 370 cm • 86.61 x 145.67 in


Special thanks to @antonioamancio whom, like a godfather, give her this beautiful name “Volupia”..#ghepard #oncapintada #onca #fosca #foscaworld

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