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On the advice of Aretino, Titian and the influential Grimani family circle, The Procuratori of Saint Mark’s chose to create two important decorative series: one on the walls, where portraits of philosophers by Paolo Veronese, Jacopo Tintoretto and others were placed, and the other on the ceiling, composed of twenty-one tondi commissioned from Andrea Schiavone, Paolo Veronese, Battista Zelotti, Giulio Licinio, Battista Franco, Giuseppe Salviati, Giovanni De Mio.

Limited Edition of 7
Traditional Hahnemühle Paper 250 gr
Size: 42 x 35 cm • 16.5 x 13.7 inches
Signed by manual embossing and numbered by the artist

The print will be shipped through Private Mail Service

Printed in Paris - France


320,00 €Prix
  • It's a print edition of a drawing that the artist selects.
    It's a limited edition of 7, and when it's sold, it won't be printed anymore.

    Each print includes the artist's signature, seal, and the certificates of authenticity.

    The print is printed with the museum quality paper.

    New print will be updated every two months. 

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