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The statues and ancient marbles were referred to by librarians as “the atrium statues”. Acting on a scruple, Tiepolo did five drawings of the vestibule. These give us a clear idea of what the statuary

museum looked like, but are not sufficient for the exact identification of each piece. Tiepolo had another two documents made, one where the statues are drawn individually and another where they are described. The main author of the work requested by Tiepolo was another important person in the history of the library: Anton Maria Zanetti di Alessandro. Tiepolo commends him highly: “ I cannot but draw attention to the studious application of A.M. Zanetti, without whose assistance my wish to organize those antiquities would have been in vain...”

Limited Edition of 7
Traditional Hahnemühle Paper 250 gr
Size: 42 x 35 cm • 16.5 x 13.7 inches
Signed by manual embossing and numbered by the artist

The print will be shipped through Private Mail Service

Printed in Paris - France


320,00 €Prix
  • It's a print edition of a drawing that the artist selects.
    It's a limited edition of 7, and when it's sold, it won't be printed anymore.

    Each print includes the artist's signature, seal, and the certificates of authenticity.

    The print is printed with the museum quality paper.

    New print will be updated every two months. 

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