The idea of a public library in Venice took shape for the first time during Petrarch’s Venetian sojourn. In 1362 he decided to donate his books to the Republic to create the basis of a larger collection which would be available to scholars and lovers of the arts. His collections were brought together in his house, which was full of books and paper. The number of books astonished visitors and Petrarch was proud of this. Something happened which shows how full of books the house was: a huge volume of Cicero’s letters, which the poet kept upright on the floor, fell onto his leg twice, seriously wounding him. Afterwards, his friends would often joke about the dirty trick Cicero had played on his enthusiastic admirer.



Limited Edition of 7
Traditional Hahnemühle Paper 250 gr
Size: 42 x 70 cm • 16.5 x 27.55 inches
Signed by manual embossing and numbered by the artist

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Printed in Paris - France

Petrarch • Mishap of the pioneer of a book for everyone

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  • It's a print edition of a drawing that the artist selects.
    It's a limited edition of 7, and when it's sold, it won't be printed anymore.

    Each print includes the artist's signature, seal, and the certificates of authenticity.

    The print is printed with the museum quality paper.

    New print will be updated every two months.