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fosca artist

Born from a Venetian mother and a Dutch father, Fosca enters adulthood with the enthusiasm of a twenty-something looking for answers to existential questions through the creation of a fantastic universe filled with curious anthropomorphic animals. These creatures seem to find their roots in the apocalyptic menace of certain Flemish paintings, tempered by the lightheartedness and refinement of an XVIII century Venetian carnival.

Her drawings, executed with the meticulous and patient precision of miniaturist, or even a goldsmith are the alphabet to a secret language. If a universe created by an artist makes her prisoner of it signs, Fosca will surely find it difficult to forsake her zoological creations.

Maybe one day someone will dare to explore the hidden depths of her imaginary universe populated by fantastic animals. For the moment, we prefer to simply admire her drawings, lost as Alice in her Wonderland, while Fosca alone holds the keys to penetrate her inner dreams.