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Literary globe Fosca’s Exhibition at Museo Correr

Dernière mise à jour : 31 janv. 2018

Fosca’s Exhibition at the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana – St. Mark’s National Library, overlooking the unique setting of Piazza San Marco and the lagoon of Venice. An awe inspiring piece was hanging at the heart of the exhibit, in the centre of the Sala Sansoviniana, the monumental main hall: the ‘Literary Globe’, a gigantic sphere made of fifteen thousand hand-cut paper letters and golden glass droplets produced by Murano glass artists.  As a literary echo of Vincenzo Coronelli’s ancient celestial and terrestrial globes located underneath, the nebula of letters will establish an ideal link between Fosca’s artwork and the spirit of the library.

Thirty-six drawings on paper, including zinc engravings was exhibited in the shadow of the Literary Globe. A golden thread connect them to the space for which they have been created, stimulating a dialogue between the surroundings and the population of imaginary animals belonging to Fosca’s universe.

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