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Signature International

A cultural project created in 2005 by Rosalie Miller with the support of Dennis Hopper, today Signature International is taking on a new appearance as a digital coffee table book produced and published by Rosalie Miller and Melanie Huynh. Each volume will be like a pause in time as seen by one or several artists. Their vision is illustrated by their intimate thoughts, photographs, videos, impulses, mood of the moment, almost like a freeze frame combining images, music, and zeitgeist. All these elements are in line with a value which constitutes the common thread of the volume: creativity, friendship, tradition, etc. The first volume is dedicated to Emmanuelle Seigner, who is revealing herself exclusively around the value of Creativity. Volume after volume, Signature International’s raison d’être is to leave a mark, a footprint, a signature of our times. The featured artists offer the visitors a unique digital experience by sharing their world, their identities, tastes, values, civic actions and inspirations. The browsing experience is made interactive through the concept of enhanced augmented browsing and content, which allows to discover: The fleeting animation of a photograph. The tastes, places, objects and things evoked during the artist’s interview as she/he mentions them. The brand of a piece of clothing, accessory or product the artist is wearing. The link to download an application in connection with a detail on a picture, in a highly intuitive way.

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